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Owners bench [PDF]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned Droog to design an exclusive gift for its important foreign contacts. Each year the Ministry gives away 50,000 copies of Holland Agenda, a lavishly illustrated desk diary, but the need was felt for a more exclusive present suitable for the 1,000 most valued contacts of Dutch ambassadors and consuls-general across the world.

Dutch designers were asked to come up with a creative and innovative idea. A competition was thrown open to designers with whom Droog worked; it was also placed on the Droog website and publicised through the various design courses in the Netherlands.

The directors of Droog, Gijs Bakker and Renny Ramakers, selected ten finalists [pdf] from sixty entries, and their projects were then submitted to the jury. After lengthy deliberation the jury, consisting of Jan Hoekema, Nikki Gonnissen, Ed Annink and Guus Beumer, and chaired by Flip de Heer (former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), unanimously selected the design by Claudia Linders: Space To Take Place.

The Droog international design agency, which was set up in 1994, is based in Amsterdam. Droog design focuses on the individual. The products tell their own story, featuring themes like memory, nostalgia, recycling, craftsmanship, nature and the pace of modern life. Droog wants to contribute to the international debate on design, and with this in mind the studio engages industrial designers, graphic designers, fashion designers and architects from all over the world.

Claudia Linders has a degree in architecture from the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Planning. In 2001 she launched Labeled, a studio for interdisciplinary research and design. Labeled is involved in project and concept development, working as a consulting agency in that field. Work by Claudia Linders that exemplifies this approach includes Stad op Straat, the Stedelijk Museum Ypenburg and Dare to Unlabel. The Dare to Unlabel project challenges fashion-lovers to remove designer labels from their clothing and replace them with the UNLABELED label. The project is now part of Droog’s collection. Claudia Linders works for the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture as design studies coordinator and is a guest lecturer at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology.