N 52 21'41.09" / E 4 59'32.92"
Ijburg Amsterdam / Nederland
28/11/2020 / 16:52:02 / +00:00 GMT
Owners bench [PDF]

The location chosen for the bench is typically Dutch. It is a place where important international contacts can form an impression of the Netherlands. At the same time, it showcases a masterpiece of Dutch engineering and urban planning. In short, a place that is well worth visiting.

The bench is located in the capital of the Netherlands, in IJburg, a neighbourhood of the Amsterdam borough of Zeeburg, overlooking the IJmeer. The 100-metre bench can be found on the northwestern tip of the Bert Haanstrakade. The exact coordinates are N 52º 21'41.09" / E 4º 59'32.92''. This new neighbourhood strikingly illustrates the strengths of modern Dutch architecture and its imaginative response to the need for more urban housing in a limited space. It also illustrates the age-old Dutch battle against the water, and the tradition of wresting land from the sea.

The bench is in an easily accessible, central spot. For more information about the location and recent developments in the area, see the IJburg website.